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Tanita MC980 Body Composition

Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) Body Composition


Fit3D Body Measurement and Posture Tracking


HumanTrak 3D Functional Movement Screening

Wellness in person
  • Valid fitness testing protocols
  • Latest hardware and software technology
  • 3D body scanning
  • Bioelectrical impedance assessment
  • 3D functional screening and objective FMS
  • Trained and accredited staff
  • Free resources including GPTQA Flow, Health Jargon Buster, Numbers Explained and Useful Links
  • Workshops in data interpretation
  • Free long-term tracking access

Importance of personal wellness tracking

  • Promoting physical activity
  • Developing skills in goal setting, self-monitoring and self-testing
  • Promoting learning and positive attitudes in life
  • Screening for potential health issues and injury prevention
  • Diagnosing fitness needs for individual exercise prescription and improvement
  • Objective guidance for rehabilitation and recovery
  • Reinforcing engagement in an active lifestyle
Private and secure data

IMAGE: GPTQA TRACK secure data management system

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Personal tracking is purely a one-on-one private environment with complete security of privacy and confidential information.

It is essential that clients are educated in the data, reporting and outcomes of professional tracking in order to interpret change and set goals based on objective fact rather than subjective opinion therefore we provide support in assessing the results and opportunities to learn how to make positive change.

Tracking is not necessary too often therefore packages are designed around the clients goals whether recovery from injury, weight loss/gain or long-term health maintenance.

Global Wellness Tracking provide personal wellness tracking on an individual basis or to groups looking for a community package in gyms, clubs or workplaces.

What others say...

"Taking time to focus on an active lifestyle is essential for general wellness of your body and mind therefore it is essential that any tracking you do is both valid and reliable.

Untrained and inexperienced trainers can often provide misleading information when using technology to assess your body and this creates purposeless plans and unknown goals.

Global Wellness Tracking ensure that the data is captured reliably and consistently every time allowing for technical "error" and "deviation" to truly put you in control of your lifelong challenge of health and wellness.

GPTQA accredited personnel remain unbiased and are available to service you personally or in partnership with your local gym or leisure complex."  G.Dudley

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