GWT introduces football virtual trainer


In light of the isolation around the current coronavirus, Global Wellness Tracking have teamed up with Joner 1 on 1 Football Training to provide the Ball Mastery Tracker for free.

Register below to become a free member and access the system to improve your skills and abilities.

Purchase your GWT Joner 1 on 1 Bundle Today

Global Wellness Tracking have bundled the Joner 1 on 1 add-on with our exceptional silver membership for a special price to new subscribers in March 2020:

  • 6 months Global Wellness Tracking silver membership
  • 3 months Joner 1 on 1 add-on membership
  • TRACK personal and secure data account
  • New football player development tracker
  • New ball mastery challenge tracker

Joner 1 on 1 Football Training is the choice for our virtual trainer

I am very pleased to announce our collaboration with Lee Jones and his team at Joner 1 on 1 Football Training as our content partner for individual player and coach resources specific to technical football development.

Lee is an extraordinary coach with an empathetic attention to every detail and his training videos are real life.  There are mistakes by the players and coaching intervention that is perfect by a coach and player who has the absolute capability to deliver on every touch.

The entire Joner 1 on 1 training library (valued at over $650) is available for our silver members with the Joner 1 on 1 add-on.

Global Wellness Tracking silver membership must be purchased for member to subscribe to add-ons.  Silver membership is $15 AUD per month and Joner 1 on 1 add-on is $19 AUD per month.  Special bundle has a normal price of $147 AUD.  Launch bundle promotion is exclusive to March 2020 and GWT have the right to amend or adjust pricing without giving prior notice.

Example video carousel below - Categories = First Touch | Shooting | Passing | Dribbling | Defending | Quick Feet, Speed and Agility | Awareness | Ball Mastery | Coaching Tools

Joner1on1 Example Carousel

Ball Mastery Tracker

All players receive the Ball Mastery Tracker to help them assess their development on a range of skillsets.

  • Login and begin a skill
  • Watch the Joner 1 on 1 video to perfect the technique
  • Update your score from "beginner" to "professional"
  • Practice again with Joner via the custom video content
  • Move on to the next ball mastery skill

Coaches can monitor progress by printing or downloading your charts.

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