Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions


- How do I become a Free Member?

Sign up for your free membership and access to resources here.

- How can I earn credits?

You can earn more credits by logging in weekly, reading blogs, completing courses and much more...

Enquiries and Quotes

- How can I get a quote?

For a quote on our services, simply just complete the Quote Please form.


- How do I prepare myself for a Wellness Assessment?

To ensure you are ready and prepared for your Wellness Assessment, please read the Preparing for an Assessment information.


- How do I access my personal data?

You can access your personal data by logging into your personal TRACK account using your user ID (reference number ATH******) at

- How do I create a TRACK account?

To enrol as an individual, athlete or student, complete the Individual, Athlete or Student Enrolment Form.
To enrol as a coach, teacher or team leader, complete the Coach, Teacher or Team Leader Enrolment Form.

- I've forgotten my TRACK login, how do I find it?

Complete the Forgotten Login form and we will help you get back on TRACK.

- What does my data mean?

Access basic definitions at What Does My Data Mean?. For further resources, sign up for your free membership here.