Services – Corporate Wellness Tracking

Corporate well beings It is essential we work well and live well in parallel so the awesome resources and services from Global Wellness Tracking reinforce

Services – School Physical Assessments

Student wellness development When kids feel strong and resilient - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually they perform better, with more passion, for longer. They win,

Services – Sports Physical Assessments

Injury prevention and identification are essential component of sports both physically and mentally. Global Wellness Tracking offer expertise in exercise physiology, conditioning and mindset using

Services – Personal Wellness Tracking

Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) Body Composition Fit3D Body Measurement and Posture Tracking HumanTrak 3D Functional Movement Screening Valid fitness testing protocols Latest hardware and software technology


Global Performance Testing Wellness Tracking

Global Wellness Tracking

Why: To create exceptional wellbeing

How: By creating positive wellness habits

With: Education, data intelligence and global collaboration

Our Story

Established by Graham Dudley in 2014, the business focuses on holistic wellness of humans through reliable collection and interpretation of purposeful data.

Unique expertise in educating the user on interpreting the data and supporting lifestyle adjustments, in time, creates positive habitual change.

Global Wellness Tracking is part of the Global Performance Testing group with further specialised domains in performance testing, talent identification, sport development strategy, quality assurance in human benchmarking and industrial accreditation through GPTQA.

"Validity + Consistency = Reliability"

Our team is extraordinary with a balance of academia, entrepreneurialism, insight, sport, health, education, professionalism and empathy to world stage.

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